Established in 1999, utilising state-of-the-art computer driven roll forming technology and the highest quality "Bluescope Truecore™" steel, we provide a complete solution for the manufacturing of modular framing for housing from concept to completion.

Why build with Steel House Frames?

Steel house framing carries many advantages over conventional timber framing. It is lightweight which means it is easier to manufactrure than the timber frames currently used in many buildings. Individual wall and roof panels are pre-fabricated which means that packing, transporting and assembly is easily accomplished, which in turn reduces the cost of manufacturing per meter compared to timber. Steel framing is fire resistant, termite proof and will not split, warp or twist like conventional timber framing.


Steel House Frames N.S.W also specalise in the manufacturing of pre-fabricated, portable homes. We provide a complete solution from initial design to shipping the final product. Read more about our complete packages at Classy Homes and Cabins

Our factory is located in Glenorie, N.S.W which is approximately 1 hour's drive North of Sydney CBD.

Whether you have a design in mind or already have a complete layout for your next home, with the advantages of steel house framing over conventional timber framing clear, why not give us a call for a quotation?